My account is flagged as a Protected/Restricted Account on the DFO Web Store. What should I do?

Your account may have a history of chargeback which would result in your account being Protected or Restricted. Please send us a ticket so we can find out if you have any history of chargeback and to settle them if you have any.

Submit a ticket:


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    You guys are clearly turning into Nexon. Just taking money and not looking into Tickets. I come to try and play this game again 2-3 years later n i forgot my goblin pin. submitted 3 tickets already and its been a week with no response. I log in again today and now my account is in game trade restricted. What have you guys turned into. This sickens me very much Neople

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    I'm dealing with the same problem. I came back after a few years and got the orange text when I logged in.  I sent a ticket in on the 8th of January and still haven't heard anything back other than the automated response.    And I put in another ticket a few minutes ago.   This is B.S.

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