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    hi i want my alpha character back, my facebook is connected to dfo but still my alpha character doesn't appear, i already send a ticket about the problem through email but i didn't get any help yet. please help me. thank you.

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    my acoount has banned, idont know y ,pls check my account ,it's frist banned and until 1969

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    my acount is under suspention. what is it mean? i can not play game. pls fix it.

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    Hugo Green

    I do not care to click the Advancement when I watched the Career video, then I regret the choice of a career I don't like it, can you give me one more chance to replace a new career,please? ID:

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    Tom Smith

    Could you guys please do something about this?

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    robin angeles

    hello guys. my account is new but it is already suspended. pls fix it. email:

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    yi tian

    my acount is under suspention. what is it mean? i can't play game. pls fix it

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    Allen Lin

    Fuck koreans

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    my account was suspended for no reason

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    Niccolo Cunanan

    My account is suspended i need help with this

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    I am a player from Canada and I can't play PVP due to terrible lag. But I had no problem joining any party or playing PVP when I first started playing this game about 2 years ago. Is there anything that can be done to make this a little better ? thank you.

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    Eric Yu

    My account is banned for no reason, I need help with this. I don't do nothing why banned my account.

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    Why is my account accuse for using third party program when i never did? I don't know why is my account is blocked by administrator?

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    Hi, I am a DFO player.. I am so sad for see my account was blocked.. Maybe I did wrong action in the game, but i am not intentionally to did that, I know I did wrong...
    Please I love this game, is the best 2D game in my opinion, can you unlock my account and let me keep playing this game, sir?
    I am so sorry about wrong action, But I must change and correct it, and figure out where I did wrong... Please..
    I really want keep playing this game, please unlock my account..I swear I will change my action


    Please, I love this game, I swear I won't do that again!! Please recover my account please.

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    my account got blocked by administrator , i have just no log in game in 4 mouths ,so plz unlock my account

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    My account was suspended for no reaso, so plz unlock it

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    My character TwoPunch complete all epic quests but I cant see Castle of Dead Dimentional quests. plz help me

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    Hyunjoong Oh

    My account got blocked by administrator, because of that fking Security card. i type Security card number wrong 3 times and it said my fking account got blocked by administrator. plz do something my email is

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    Cale Graham

    ok ok THIS IS IT my account has been blocked for far to long and i really want to play DFO agian i was only gone for like 3-4 days And then you blocked me im super po right now becase this is the 3rd letter i sent and no reply I really want to play on my Slayer again exept that NO ONE has even showed me what to do about this ALSO no one has replyed to me this makes me really mad so PLEASE reply TO my email i sent and Unblock me please


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    Cale Graham

    also my email is


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    I cannot use mouse roll up or down in the chat window
    I try to change the setting but there is no any setting about rolling
    It is not convenient to use the chat window
    Please help me to fix this problem
    Thank you very much!!!
    My email:

    Edited by raymond
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    I cant press play in the launcher thing


    Edited by YOO JUN
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    i can't play my optimus ,when i playing in dungeon game has not responding this problem only this character

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    Some player using the support(illegal way) to carry me of the raid. What can I do? Is it will make deleted my account? But I don't about it My email ( That is not my DFO account. PLS: send that to me what can I do

    Edited by zequanhe
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    fuck you guys block my account, hurry up to unblcok my account piese of shit

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    keeley Jane

    Why my account is blocked by administrator?  I was just stay online for 200 hours because of the event. After that 200 hours, you guys fucking block my account. WTF, I never used any software nothing. Hurry up Unlock my account. This is terrible Neople. 

    account :

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    Maria Ruberto88

    My account was blocked too wtf? I like damn started yesterday on this game.


    Edited by Maria Ruberto88
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    my account was blocked,too wish you unblcok my account,

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    Pi Parker

    My Account got blocked by administrator. Can you guys unblock it?


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    I really don't understand what is happening. I just came back from the school,and open the game "Account has blocked by administer" ??? WTF? i did nothing wrong ok? Pls Contact me MY EMAIL IS Im very angry you know? I need an explanation pls, PLZ CHECK IT BEFORE YOU BLOCK THE ACCOUNT

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