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    Juyong Mountford

    I cant purchase CERA because im using steam and i have to go through 3 steps verification and which i did the two of those and i cant proceed to step 3 please help!!!

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    Jacquel K. Lee

    -My friend deleted my Google Auth app and now it's been 24hr since the last reply and I know it doesn't take that long for a reply and plus I'm pretty sure I got a bot for my reply I'm going to miss out on a good event for what lack of customer support and or lose my entire acc.-

    Customer Service came through with the clutch save i got  my account back 7/16/17 5:40

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    i wanna prove the ownership of my account to cancel the purchase restriction my account is

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    Beelzebub Kiru

    its been 70+ hours since i submit a ticket and still no result in that "prove ownership" 

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    Lt Welkin

    I've been flagged and my trade privileges restricted... for buying 2 raw hardeners. Why are you suddenly targeting random people for these things. I even sent you tickets a couple of days ago about a Tower of Anguish bug on my inquisitor and we talked it out. Why would it suddenly be suspicious. I haven't bought anything from the marketplace since then except 2 raw hardeners at 90 gold each...

    Let me prove my ownership orz

    My email is

    ID: SatsurikuAya

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    Guys don't use google authenticator, it is a shit! When you accidentally log out, you will never be able to log back in forever in your life haha, i love this! This shit has tons of obstacles for logging back in. And it does not recognize account that is not Google.

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    My account were resctricted for no reason. I've just started playing for 4-5 days with my cousin, and one day i logged on and it shows that it was resctricted and now i can't go to auction hall or trade.



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    I've been a DFO player for a year with my Creator account on lv90, then my account has been locked for no reason, and I have never ever done anything, I barely see other players, all I did was to complete the story line missions. So I searched up on internet, a lot of other DFO players are getting banned for 0 reason, and also it is extremely hard to create an account on your site. I know some of my friends here in Canada cannot even create an account on your site, I really question if you people are actually working or not, all I want is to play the game, Please unlock my account and do some hard working for the system.


    ID: CanoZ

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    My Google Authenticator was not working and I mistakenly uninstalled it.

    I sent in a ticket and was sent an email stating I need to verify that I am the owner of my account. Having replied, I have yet to receive any reply. Its been 2 days without playing DFO. I'm being gimped for the Pro Arad Adventurer event. 

    I have still not received a solution. 

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    Hello, when can DFO support cancel Google Authenticator service on my account?

    My account:


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    How to contact customer service to delete purchase restrictions
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    My Lancer just bought 2 Class Pet...but i want my Erebus dont' want 2 Pets,i want to transfer Deimos Pet to my Deimos...plz help...

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    I submit a ticket (119760)

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    I submit a ticket (119760)

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    Angelo trerotola

    why restrited my acc? i don't do anithing, can chek it? my ticket #125015

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    Wigg 691

    i have a problem to dessemble items... the game say i have a trade restriction... i'm new player lvl 46,  requests tickect 124995

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    Rab 080193

    I submitted a ticket awhile ago and it got deleted entirely. What the hell.

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    Thuat K37

    i can't submit a request.

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    how long i should w8 until they fix my secondary password problem?  #135971

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    Hello I have a problem trying to sign in to play the game. I can't remember my password when I want to log in to play the game and I want to change it. I'm not talking about the website, I'm talking about when I go to log in to play. I've tried everything but nothing works and I really want to play! So can you please just look up my file and find my password or something.

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    My account blocked by administrator. I dont know y. Please unlock it. :((
    ING: UriFelicity

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    my account was blocked but i didnt do anything. can u guys check my account pls ?

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    ZhuoFu Wang

    I had trade restriction since I move server form jumping server, my character name is woQAQow, please fix my issues ASAP, I didn't even have enough money to repair my weapon!!!!!

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    This is Link7057 here seem like i am just going to be ignored huh. i guess since i am not korean or a cash cow, i just have to eat the crap you give me. You guys have been watering down this game for a good few years now and trying to get people that dont want to pvp or raid to force them to do those thing, all just to dig into their wallets. well since it seems like if you are black-balled by the system you you better be a cash cow or be korean cause you arent getting any help now do they care about your feedback.

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    zhibo zhang

    I haven't logged in for more than a year. Now I want to continue playing, but my verification can't pass. App has been disconnected from my account. I need to rebind authenticator, but I don't know how to rebind. Please help me.

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    I've been given this answer for the current problem:

    Greetings Valued Customer,
    This is a follow up regarding your concern. 
    We would like to inform you that you should now be able to purchase cera using Karma Koin. 
    Please be informed that you will not be able to use the remaining Cera due to potentially fraudulent transactions on your account. However, You will need to purchase $30.00 worth of Cera for us to be able to remove the purchase restriction, and for you to be able to use the remaining Cera on your account.
    Please do reply back to us once you bought $30.00 worth of Cera.
    We look forward to your reply.

    I provided proof that I bought $30+ Karma Koin with pictures and their reply was:
    Greetings Valued Customer,
    Thank you again for reaching out to us. 
    We would like to inform you that we will forward this again for further investigation. 
    We will put this ticket to On-Hold while the investigation is on-going. 
    Rest assured that we will get back to you as soon as we receive an update regarding this.
    All I wanted was to get the Rare Clone Avatar set from the Cera Shop and they're avoiding the problem by adding more BS problems ontop of it and they're most likely going to solve it after the set leaves the shop. WTF is up with their support staffs........... I can't tolerate this BS service I am getting. I was fine after I asked for a refund of a fail transaction but right when black friday sales started, I was slapped with a fraud action which didn't make sense cause no one knew how to get into my account besides me. Thanks Neople, just add more problems on top of current problem we're dealing with right now.
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    Jason Zhou

    Hi Neople,

    My account is trade restricted but I have never involve in any abnormal actions (no hack or anything that violet the ToS). I am a loyal player and started from the launch day, I just reinstalled the game after so many years and wanted to try it again with my friends.
    If I did violet the ToS that i am not aware of , I am so sorry about the wrong action, but I really want keep playing this game, this account is my only account and it has a lot of memories, can you please check again and lift the ban? 
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    Shuai Shao

    My account is transaction locking,I want top-up!pls!

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    when oct 13 2018 someone went into my account and disassemble the epic items,gold and avata . please recover. since 10/13/18 I have been sending ticket by now. I have prove and list lost items.

    4달동안 이메일 보냇습니다. 패키지 보상말고 복구를 원합니다.

    I don;t need package. I need restore my account


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