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    Trying to reset my goblin pin but get a notification saying that the server is under maintenance. 

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    porfavor me esta avisando constantemente cada ves que inicio me pone envia un sticker y es como para que si la cuenta de steam esta ahi  y esta todo bien y grtacias a eso no e podido ni probar el juego porfavor terminen de verificar plis.

    gracias por la atencion.

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    please, want to reissue my goblin pin, got wrong the 3 times (didn't copy in a note or something like that), and got always trade block, even can buy some things on sprint shop and even auction, when i go to the reissue option it says in under maintenance, how much it gonna be on that?

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    I came back to the game after a long AFK for 100lv cap, but I forgot my Goblin Pin and one of the step request purchase item from NPC, now I'm stuck and I don't want to proceed until issue solved.

    What is going one here? Anyone from neople is actually working here?

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    yusuf colgecen


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    Can someone check my ticket? 261237

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    Andrew Pham-350

    Few days ago I decided to give this game another try. I forgot most of my security info such as Google authenticator and goblin pin. My Google authenticator was solved in 2 days but my goblin pin issue is taking longer, why is this happening? Is it because of a review I made? If so then this is pretty petty that I'm being punished for writing a review about how you are handling things.

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    Hi, I am a DFO player.. I am so sad for see my account was blocked.. Maybe I did wrong action in the game, but i am not intentionally to did that, I know I did wrong...
    Please I love this game, is the best 2D game in my opinion, can you unlock my account and let me keep playing this game, sir?
    I am so sorry about wrong action, But I must change and correct it, and figure out where I did wrong... Please..
    I really want keep playing this game, please unlock my account..I swear I will change my actionaccount:

    Please, I love this game, I swear I won't do that again!! Please recover my account please.

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    Samuel Reis Vilas Boas

    I tried to login to my account, but it says the account is under suspension. There's no explanation anywhere else, or any signs that the account isn't working on the site. It just says I can't play it out of nowhere.

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    why it takes so long to consider applications for registering an account, downloaded the game but can’t play (
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    If you are trying to play this game, DO NOT


    Here's how thing went: I back to this game since 28-JUN-2020 or so, then my account got trade-locked at 2nd date login. I submitted ticket to ask unlocking because I am sure I was not using any cheating application while playing. 

    I submitted a request and customer service refused to tell me what action I had done to let them ban me nor term of TOS I against with. refused to tell me what action I had done to let them ban me nor term of TOS I against with. THIS COMPANY HAS MOST SHITTIEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAD EVER MET.

    Edited by Darzmork
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    Can someone please take a look at my ticket, #275386, and let me know what is going on, Thank you.

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    Downloaded the game from steam and from ur site. I tryed them both but after I downloaded the game from the Client, I clicked "Play" button and got a mini screen at down left at the screen and there it loads and after a couple of minutes a Error window pops up.

    Error pop window it writen: from NGS init failed..(e3010201)

    I tryed putting the game DFO and teh folder BlackCipher, on the firewall whitelist and exception list in windows. Tryed that and it dident work.

    After that I uninstall the game with ur program. After that I restared the game and reinstalled the game again. added those to the list and then download the game from the client again, this time hopefully not deleting files in the DFO.

    After all this I get the same problem with the error message at the end.
    Pls help me

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    I accidentally disassembled the wrong equipment. I hope the official can return it to me. Please reply my ticket number are 278429,278832

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    Would Like my ticket #280319 to be reviewed. A trade restriction is placed on my account when I log in after about a year, maybe longer of not playing the game.

    I would have no problem waiting for a few days for a reply if it wasn't for the fact that this somehow prevents reinforcing of weapons and armor which can.

    Add the fact that I couldn't remove this unless I send a ticket is beyond frustrating.

    It makes no sense to allow access to the game but put such a heavy restriction on a player with little to no explanation.

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