How do I purchase Cera?

You can purchase Cera at our homepage and Cera Shop in the game.

[Homepage]>[Log-in]>[Billing]>[Purchase Cera]>[Select Payment]>[Select Amount].

[Cera Shop]>[Purchase Cera]>[Select Payment]>[Select Amount].


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    i have an issue. i cannot use credit and paypal to purchase cera and it says Unable to purchase CERA with your account and in-game activities do not meet the necessary requirements. Please use Prepaid Card or play DFO more.
    If you have any issue or question, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

    Message to those who created the account before Jun 15, 2015
    Running the game activates Cera purchase function for the first purchase in web. So, please run the game first before the first purchase. After that, you can purchase Cera directly through our billing page.

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    Michael Alexander

    still didnt allow me to purchase

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    Sorrasit Neelwatchara

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    I can not buy cera by steam... pls do something for sake!

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