Q: I have encountered a Bug in game. What should I do?

A: Please send a ticket to the Support team with a clear and complete description of the bug you have encountered. You may also attach a screenshot or video for more details.

Please refer to the link below:


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    When I was playing hell model in the dungeon, I was often saw that 'or p=0x11556038 i=6331493'. Actually I was play hell model during 02/11/16~02/12/16. And I saw that title about more that 10 times. In addition, sometime I did not saw that title and suddenly enforced log out the game. I was spent a lot of money in this game, could you tell me what is wrong about this? And 10 hell model dungeons have speed 240 DC which means I got nothing but it was spent. If you want to ask me why write the report after 10 times hell model. What I want to tell you is I love this game and I want epics. But it made me sad now. Finally, my wifi is work very well, If I lost my wifi. The title should be shows like'Disconnected....‘ something that. Unlike 'or p=0x11556038 i=6331493'. Could you help me?

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    Juncheng Yan

    When I was playing hell mode in dungeon Grandine Power Plant using Deicide, sometimes the screen will turn to black after using 2nd awaking skill Transgression Sword: Ragnarok. It happens many times and after the screen turn to black the game is still running, but can't see anything. This bug also happen once when I was playing dungeon secure the rock.

    After die I try to use the coin, but the screen is still black. I hope you can fix this bug as soon as possible.


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    zheyuan zheng

    tonight,i buy three sweet sweet chocolate, i used three canna's chocolate gift box to exchange a Canna's Transcendent Stone. move an unsealed creature to the VampiresCain character from Ca1n, it is a the behemoth egg, but when i used Canna's Transcendent Stone, i get a Murasame, it‘s amazing! i lost my the behemoth egg!i really want to know what wrong with my account? this is bug? or what?!
    the first time i saw that i think just have delay, but until now its more than 1 hour.
    Please check my data, and get my pet back!

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    I was doing my usual ah shopping for some cheap legendary plats to synthesize so i see a cheap 1 for 2.4m i buy it and i lose 4.8m i think wtf must have bought wrong 1 then i see another 1 i think ok buy it and it happened again so i think wth then i go buy another 1 nothing happens then i bought 1 more and it happend again im sure of it all 

    can u please look into this either im victim of a hacker or its a bug i lost 15m this to this also 2 of the items i first bought are gone cause i thought i had bought the wrong item so i synthesized them then i bought new 1s  and it happend again it only happend on swift demonslash ascending + demon king slash and FM-92 mk2 lancer plat emblems i decided when it happend again to do nothing with the item in the hopes that u can trace item id to find out if there is a hacker on the lose or if im the victim of some nasty bug i hope my description is helpful or we might have to recreate the bug / glitch or whatever it is 

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    emm this bug give me back dc

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